East Winds Film Festival – Week Five

This week the East Winds Film Festival went on the road on a trip to The Mocking Bird Cinema. It was great to hear that the film festival had gained an external partner with one of the independent cinemas in Birmingham. As a cohort we went over to the cinema to watch Japanese sci-fi anime, Akira.

Production wise, my team was in charge of the sound and video production of the interview with the owner of The Mocking Bird. Along with the interview itself it was my job to capture ‘filler footage’ to be used in the final edit of the film festival magazine show. As I have previously shot promotional videos I really enjoyed capturing people’s enjoyment at The Mocking Bird and I pretty much had a camera on my shoulder for most of the day. My team proved to be a little less confident than myself in giving direction to the interviewee, so that is something that will need working on. Despite this, my team are learning how to set up and capture the sound very well. During the showing I was made aware that the initial ident and trailer were going to be played before the screening of Akira so I stood at the back of the cinema ready to capture the reactions of the cohort as we made our debut. I think this week is the first week we’re beginning to realise the opportunity that we have here. Working alongside The Mocking Bird cinema will really broaden our audience to the city of Birmingham and hopefully gather a wider audience to receive the films we will be screening. I think gathering filler footage is really one of my strong points because there isn’t many limitations and I can be creative with the focus and exposure on the camera. Also it allows me to work on my own for a while which I’m incredibly comfortable with, I think that I will make it my responsibility to do this consistently throughout the festival week along side working with the team.

Once we got back from The Mocking Bird it was time to reshoot the opening of our magazine show with out three presenters. It was apparent before that what the other production team had filmed the sound wasn’t a high enough quality so to tackle that problem I took out three tie microphones for each presenter along with a boom microphone so we had plenty of sound files to work with to make sure it was as professional as possible. It was a long day of filming but overall I’m so happy with how well and professional everybody worked, we did a few takes to make sure we had ample footage to work with and the presenters were great!

East Winds Film Festival – Week Four

This week the teams had to work on the production for the magazine show, after a managers meeting we had formulated the structure of the magazine show and my task was to film and head the production of a ‘Cold open’. The idea came from the communications team to plan and film the spoof of a famous scene from an East Asian film. I mostly worked along side the communications team for this task which took me out of my production role and had me cutting out famous film characters to imply a class of students. Despite my enjoyment of filming and live editing this task, it was decided that the outcome looked too rushed (We had to film and edit it in one morning) and it was axed from the final edit of the initial magazine show.

Along with this I had to plan and conduct an interview with one of the members of a team to find out what was going on behind the scenes. I thought it would be best to interview someone from the communications team because at this stage of event planning they seemed to have had more of a substantial work load with press releases and such. I set up the camera in the MA Communications, Culture and Media office to showcase the work of the cohort in the background of the subject I would be interviewing. I had also been approached by a member of the cohort, Jemila Haruna who wanted to gain some production experience in the set up of equipment and the capturing of visual and sound material. I took Jamila on as I thought the experience would be valuable for both of us, I could work on my leadership and teaching skills along with Jamila gaining some production experience. Maria Mantaluta from communications was our interviewee and she did very well in the delivery of what is going on behind the scenes.

I was very happy with the framing of the interview and thought the shots looked very aesthetically pleasing, I thought it was best to film the interview in a talking head style to keep it looking professional and because that is the interview style I’m used to. In retrospect after hearing feedback from the interview I was told that it was too ‘BBC-ish’, (which isn’t the worst criticism in the world), but I agree that the interview was too ridged and I had played it safe to the style in which I was comfortable. I think that perhaps to keep the film festival media young and fresh it would be better to take more risks and think outside the box a little bit more.