East Winds Film Festival – Live!

It’s the week of the festival and everyone if frantically preparing for the big opening. As planned, I used the time to gather ‘filler footage’ of the set up and coordination of the festival. I used the quiet time to acquire different creative shots that can be used in the marketing materials for future East Winds events. As I took the time to capture all the detailed decorations for the festival, my team worked on capturing a time-lapse shot of people attending the first viewing. The energy was so electric for the build up of opening night, we we’re all excited for the guests to arrive and for our virtual audience to tune-in with us through the live stream.

Throughout the opening ceremony I was filming ‘behind the scenes’, capturing all the photographers as they we’re taking photos on the red carpet, all the videographers and the DJ. As the night progressed, Fengu Zhai and I decided to take the opportunity to record some interviews with people who had attended the event to find out their thoughts and the impact the festival has on the University, the wider community and us as a cohort. We filmed interviews with a diverse set of people from the module moderator, festival directors, Coventry locals and other staff and students from the university. It was great that we got to have the opportunity to conduct these interviews as it gave us an insight as to how valuable the film festival is in bringing more culture to coventry but also allowing us to partake in such an outward facing event.

On the Wednesday Evening we we’re fortunate enough to have Latkamon Pinrojkirati (pim), join us for a Q&A after the screening of her film ‘School Tales’ (2017), for the evening I was in charge of co-ordinating the set up and filming of the Q&A. I had set up three cameras along with my team to capture one shot of Pim and her interpreter, a camera to capture the the audience as they ask the questions and one final camera set up at the back of the cinema to get a wide shot of the whole audience and Pim. Although I’m used to filming in these kinds of situations, I found the lighting very dark to focus on the individual asking the questions. Due to this I had to manually control the focus on the camera which meant that it was very tight to get the shot in between the transition of question and answer. In retrospect I would have set up two audience facing cameras, one on each side of the cinema so if the timing was too tight for me then I would have had back up footage. Despite this I’m very happy with the overall ascetic captured over the course of the week and so grateful to have taken part in the East Winds Film Festival.

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