East Winds Film Festival – Week Seven to Nine

We’ve all been on study leave for the past few weeks so there hasn’t been much progression production wise as most of the cohort has been out the country so it’s been great to use the time to look over what we have done so far. I began editing together some of the footage captured from The Mocking Bird and I began to synchronise the audio files to the visual files so the vocals matched up. (I’m a perfectionist when it comes to dubbing and I can’t stand it being out of sync so a lot of time was spent on this.) This week back at uni I’ve been off due to some health concerns but my team managed to edit together the magazine show in such a quick turn around. I watched the finished edit of the magazine show before it was sent to the Festival directors and I was so proud of how it looked. The editing was wonderful and my team had done a fantastic job, I wish that I had been around to help out but despite my absence they created a fantastic piece of work. It’s been great to work along side such a talented group of individuals and also to watch our progress in helping each other learn new skills. I think confidence wise we’ve all come on along way and it’s great to experience that journey as a team. As it gets closer to the festival I’m so excited to work with my team on the capture of the big event.

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