Personal Reflection Task 1


For our first task as a group we were required to create a magazine and perform a live broadcast for a deadline at 4pm on Thursday 29th September on the topic of Augmented Reality and the way its shaping the world we live in.


I believe we successfully executed this task and worked very well as a group, as a group we created imperative deadlines to work to, that would ensure we could create our magazine in a professional manner to the best of our ability in the time we had.


After initially brainstorming our initial ideas for what articles we wanted to put into our magazine we could then narrow down our target audience and work towards marketing our magazine to suit the that niche. We discovered that the audience for our magazine would have to already have an understanding about the platform of AR and it’s position in society. After deciding that our magazine would be a ‘tech’ magazine for students/academics, a member of our group came up with the name ‘Plus1’ which we all agreed on.


My personal involvement combined use of some already established skills and also helped me learn and enhance others. As being the only post-production editor in the group, I was required to edit together a montage of street interviews that would be used in our final broadcast.


Also for the aesthetics of the magazine I challenged myself to expand my knowledge using Adobe Photoshop to create a translucent page of the magazine with Pokémon characters printed on to keep in with the augmented reality theme and to add more dimension to the magazine.


For my article I wanted to write something that was in my interests and after previously looking about Augmented Reality gaming in education, I was interested to look at AR affects on mental health and the prospects of AR being widely used in healthcare. I believe all members of my group worked to the best of their ability to create our magazine and broadcast. Communication was key and that was visible in how well we executed this task. It was an incredible first task that took us out our comfort zone and made everyone in the group realize our capabilities and I personally cannot wait for the next brief!



Final letter to self

Dear self,

It’s no lie that there have been ups and downs this year. I’m glad you’ve made a few allies, cherish them. I know you have made and achieved a lot of things over this year. You’ve rediscovered your love for photography and screenplay writing, which is really positive. I’m glad that you’re finally learning how to express yourself again, you were lost without it.

But Lauren, I must say that you did forget yourself for some of this year. You forgot what you were doing and you forgot what you wanted. There was a time this year when you couldn’t stand anyone and nothing in the world could motivate you. That’s over now though, you leant what triggered that and pulled yourself away before it took you. Well done on picking yourself back up in the last term and proving that you are actually worth something, god knows what would have happened otherwise. Congratulations on getting a job by the way! Lauren Lucia Joyce aka ‘The unemployable’ now has a job, who’d have thought it? If you can make the next year just like this last term all the way through, you’ll be fine. Good Luck young padawan, for who knows what is going to happen next.

Love LJ xxx

Peace, Rainbow Warehouse, 22/12/12

The other night I headed down to The Rainbow Warehouse in Digbeth, Birmingham, to see new up-and-coming beach-grunge rockers Peace and supporting bands. There has been a lot of hype about the current music scene in Birmingham and I wanted to go and experience the ‘gnarly vibes’ for myself considering Birmingham used to be my stomping ground.

The venue was everything you could ever want from a grunge gig, it was decent sized and the walls were painted black with obscure colourful artwork all over the walls, probably not the best place to take a tab of lsd. The variety of drinks wasn’t much, larger or cider was the choice but at the end of the day you come for the music, getting leathered is just part of the deal.

Being typically me, I turned up late and only caught the last song of Jaws’ set – ‘Surround You’. The track felt so summary and bright, it almost made me forget that we were in middle of winter, two days before Christmas. Lead vocalist, Connor droans the lyrics ‘Let the wind blow through your hair, Send me crazy with your stare’ which is incredibly infectious to sing along to and I highly recommend everyone to take a listen.

Next up on the bill were special guests Swim Deep who’s style gives you nostalgia and longing to be back in the 90’s. They played the song ‘King City’ which got the crowd so energetic, the speakers in the warehouse were massive. (I remember them being about eight foot but I’m not sure if the alcohol was clouding my judgment) During ‘King City’ which has to be everyone’s summer anthem because it’s just so dreamy, fans of the band and apparently supporting band members were climbing these stupidly large speakers and then diving from such a great height into the body of the crowd. Outstanding to watch!

After Swim Deep finished their electric set the band who we call came to see took the stage. Harrison Koisser was sporting one of his many delectable coats and Doug was wrapped up in Christmas lights. Peace’s set was perfect, during ‘California Daze’ the crowd got out their lighters and swayed in time, I even saw couples slow dancing. The atmosphere was so romantic, it definitely felt like we were all in it together. Although the crowd was mellow at the right moments, as soon as ‘1998 (delicious)’ was played the crowd went ballistic – the guitar solo during is enough to send anyone into a state of trance. But the highlight of Peace’s set for me was the moment when the crowd wanted to get closer and closer to the band but there were barriers at the front preventing the crowd getting near. During ‘Wraith’ (I think) the crowd lifted up the barriers, carried them back over the tops of their heads and then through them out of the big side doors into the rain.

photo (6

Everyone cheered! I was talking to some people after the gig about the barrier incident and we were discussing how we really felt part of something, especially now there were talks of the band really breaking through into the industry. Without a doubt that was the best gig I had ever been too, it was so intimate and raw. I know that I will definitely be going to see them again!

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Creative Writing Piece for ‘Add+vantage’

Hold me. Hold me tighter than you have ever held me before. Dance with me. Dance like we will never dance again. Inhibitions of yesterday are meaningless and consequences of tomorrow are stamped and addressed. Feeling your heartbeat next to mine, dancing away with rhythm and rhyme. There was a time when I knew I was only yours but that is a distant memory. You used to be my lover but now you’re an enemy. We used to go so well together, like birds of a feather, it should have been forever. But forever was too long; to keep our hearts as one and soon you will be gone. Being with you now, turns my heart to stone. I should be alone, but I’m dancing with you. Dancing, dancing, dancing, what happened to romancing? ‘Love will tear us apart’, I should have known this from the start, but I fell. We’ve danced this dance before, you taught me all I know. Fast, slow, fast, slow, fast, fast, fast – Now where do we go? You don’t need me and I don’t need you, but we’re dancing the night through. Perhaps I just yearn for affection, given to me under your direction. Dancing with you, I’ll never miss a step, I’ll never forget. But since our first dance, I’ve danced with others and you have too. That’s how I know we’re definitely through. Your eyes always told me, I was the only one. But the magic in your eyes has very slowly gone. We could never dance again, I know this, but I still pretend. After the dance is over, you look into my eyes. A tear drops down my cheek, We can’t cover up the lies. You say it’s best you go, I just nod and agree. Now I’m not tied down to you, now my love is free.

The Cribs Review – HMV Institute 6/11/12

The cribs, in my opinion are one of the best British bands of the thousands and I’d been waiting for an opportunity to see them. So when it was announced that they would be playing at my hometown of Birmingham, I bought my ticket straight away.

I’ve been to the HMV institute plenty of times before and it’s an alright venue but the booze is a bit pricey for my liking. Despite that fact this night was going to be an expensive one, I wasn’t going to let it dampen my spirits. I’m sorry to say that I don’t remember much of the support band apart from the fact one of the members had a proper impressive beard. I actually met up with them in the smoking area before The Cribs came on; I just had to commend that guy on his lustrous beard.

I’d come to see the cribs with an old friend of mine from school, Alex and a few other people. We were all in the party mood, the booze was going down nicely and we were all in high spirits. The cribs came on stage to ‘God gave rock and roll’ the crowd loved it, everyone’s hands were in the air. Front man, Ryan opened by commending Birmingham’s crowds, obviously everyone love that. The crowds got incredibly rough over the songs ‘Our Bovine Public’ and ‘Men’s needs’ but the people were so nice. They would help each other up, shake hands and even give each other hugs. The band’s performance was entrancing, Hearing all my favourite songs being played live right before my eyes was priceless.

My favourite bit of the night probably had to be when The Cribs did a cover of ‘Under Pressure’ by Queen. I pretty much love any cover but I think the fact that I just wasn’t expecting a Queen cover made it even more magical.

(Photo taken by Alex Gatland (@AlexGatland96)

To finish the night off in style a train back to Coventry was in order, with chicken nuggets, a can of cider and my headphones blasting ‘Our Bovine Public’. The gig was amazing and I just didn’t want it to end. I would suggest that you all go and see The Cribs if you get a chance.

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Dear Lauren Lucia

Dear Future Self,

If you’re reading this then it means that you’re not dead yet, congratulations! Now before you keep reading, may I say that you must go and get yourself a beer out the fridge to congratulate yourself on not walking in front of a bus. I imagine that over the past year many different people have walked in and out of your life. I’m sure that where ever you are that a great deal has changed over this past year, some for the better and some not. I hope that you’ve made some good allies at your first year in University, I’m sure there are some certain people you’ve met that you’d probably want to tourture in inhumane ways, but forget about them, this time is about you. There are a few things that I want to remind you about though, I want you to remember all the people who said University wasn’t an option for someone like you. Remember their faces, remember their words – let that be your motivation when you need it most. You’ve come so far from those dark days and just like D:Ream once sang ‘Thing’s can only get better.’ I know at one time there were few that believed in you, but you believed. This is your time. I want you to lift your head up high and walk with the knowledge that you can do anything if you want it enough. Don’t let anyone hold you back. I know at times you may doubt your own opinion but why should you? I know sometimes you may doubt your dreams, but they are the one thing that no one can take away. It’s good to dream, Martin Luther King taught you that one. Keep on dreaming, but don’t let your head get too high up in the clouds. I want you to remain real, remember who you are and who you were but keep your eye on who you’re going to become. I know you want to achieve but you have to keep that fire burning, no one else can do this for you. Please don’t give up because you’ll be wasting yourself. I want you to go on to become something bigger and better than you could have ever dreamed of. I want you to do this for your Mother, your family, everyone who ever believed in you, but mostly, I want you to do this for yourself.

These are your dreams, hold on to them in your mind and in your heart and soon they will be a reality.