East Winds Film Festival – Week Two

The first brief our production group was given was to create an ident for the film festival and a trailer for the film festival. As the ident is the initial logo that the audience will see we knew it had to be bold, have a theme that can run throughout the festival and be memorable. As a group we decided to think of discourses surrounding East Asia that we could adopt to use for the marketing of the ident. We knew the colour for the East Winds was going to be this rich purple so we played around with different ideas. Initially we thought about Thai tattoo styles, Chinese calligraphy and the final idea we took from Chinese ink paintings. We liked the simplicity of droplets of ink that could perhaps swirl across the screen and leave behind the East Winds logo which would then have a moving wing. Although as a team it was very easy to come up with the ideas, executing them would prove to be more difficult. Although I have had lots of previous experience in post production I lacked the skills to create the ident. Luckily two members of our team were able to create the ident on time for the deadline and as a group we were so happy with the result. Because I was more skilled in using Premier Pro, I worked on the film festival trailer. I had also been requested by the Communications manager to edit together the first draft of a video version of the press release. Although the video press release was never actually released I was happy with how my team was working together, full of encouragement for one another and offering skills exchange so we could all learn a bit more of what we needed. This weeks brief made me aware of how little I knew about Adobe After effects and it’s requirement in the production industry. I now know this is a skill I will really need to work on if I’m going to be flexible and efficient in a production role.

Some of the Idents that were made…

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