Film Essay Proposal

Our film essay is about youth’s anxieties towards the changing world in which we live. With different factors such as, technology, war, politics, pollution, identity it’s very easy to feel anxious and lost. Our initial idea was to take the concept of mail order brides from the lecture but after a lot of thought we knew that we wanted to make a essay film that was a bit more personal to our subjectivities and more relevant to the changing world in which we live. With group members from all over the world there are so many subjectivities to play with and we thought it would be a good idea to have these subjectivities placed in a narrative that was natural to the individual so to do that we would have group members speaking in their own language. We really want to outline that despite these anxieties youth can unite and overcome these anxieties and change the globalized world in which we live. Footage that we’re going to use will be predominantly found from vimeo and youtube, we will use an arrangement of shocking footage and news reports to form our argument and combining them with imagery that enhances our argument and leaving the audience with profound thoughts.

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