Artificial Intelligence

For me I’m not scared of mythical beings, I’m not afraid of vampires, werewolves, monsters, daemons, ghosts and ghouls. I’m not afraid of if, buts and maybes, I’m not afraid of the invisible. There is but one creature, which can truly leave me with shaking knees and a quivering lip-, the beast with two legs, a sharp tongue. A person, someone you depend on, a friend, family. As humans we develop relationships with those who care for and support us, an unspoken promise of love to nurture and be nurtured. What happens when this promise is broken and trust begins to decay. Abandonment is my only fear that loved ones will go away.

     I typically avoid films, which spark an emotional reaction from this fear because it’s not a fear, which I wish to relive. Despite this I have found a scene in from Artificial Intelligence, which provokes such a reaction it’s hard to ignore. David becomes abandoned in the woods, left alone to fend for himself. There is one frame in particular that illustrates his desperation when the realisation sets in that he’s on his own. Then typically he blames himself and pleads for a chance to change. I cannot watch such a scene without feeling a profound sadness in seeing myself in that little boy. I feel what he feels, I see the emotion on his face and it’s so interesting that a clip about a child like android can resonate so deeply with oneself.


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