Dear Lauren Lucia

Dear Future Self,

If you’re reading this then it means that you’re not dead yet, congratulations! Now before you keep reading, may I say that you must go and get yourself a beer out the fridge to congratulate yourself on not walking in front of a bus. I imagine that over the past year many different people have walked in and out of your life. I’m sure that where ever you are that a great deal has changed over this past year, some for the better and some not. I hope that you’ve made some good allies at your first year in University, I’m sure there are some certain people you’ve met that you’d probably want to tourture in inhumane ways, but forget about them, this time is about you. There are a few things that I want to remind you about though, I want you to remember all the people who said University wasn’t an option for someone like you. Remember their faces, remember their words – let that be your motivation when you need it most. You’ve come so far from those dark days and just like D:Ream once sang ‘Thing’s can only get better.’ I know at one time there were few that believed in you, but you believed. This is your time. I want you to lift your head up high and walk with the knowledge that you can do anything if you want it enough. Don’t let anyone hold you back. I know at times you may doubt your own opinion but why should you? I know sometimes you may doubt your dreams, but they are the one thing that no one can take away. It’s good to dream, Martin Luther King taught you that one. Keep on dreaming, but don’t let your head get too high up in the clouds. I want you to remain real, remember who you are and who you were but keep your eye on who you’re going to become. I know you want to achieve but you have to keep that fire burning, no one else can do this for you. Please don’t give up because you’ll be wasting yourself. I want you to go on to become something bigger and better than you could have ever dreamed of. I want you to do this for your Mother, your family, everyone who ever believed in you, but mostly, I want you to do this for yourself.

These are your dreams, hold on to them in your mind and in your heart and soon they will be a reality.

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