Final letter to self

Dear self,

It’s no lie that there have been ups and downs this year. I’m glad you’ve made a few allies, cherish them. I know you have made and achieved a lot of things over this year. You’ve rediscovered your love for photography and screenplay writing, which is really positive. I’m glad that you’re finally learning how to express yourself again, you were lost without it.

But Lauren, I must say that you did forget yourself for some of this year. You forgot what you were doing and you forgot what you wanted. There was a time this year when you couldn’t stand anyone and nothing in the world could motivate you. That’s over now though, you leant what triggered that and pulled yourself away before it took you. Well done on picking yourself back up in the last term and proving that you are actually worth something, god knows what would have happened otherwise. Congratulations on getting a job by the way! Lauren Lucia Joyce aka ‘The unemployable’ now has a job, who’d have thought it? If you can make the next year just like this last term all the way through, you’ll be fine. Good Luck young padawan, for who knows what is going to happen next.

Love LJ xxx

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