Personal Reflection Task 1


For our first task as a group we were required to create a magazine and perform a live broadcast for a deadline at 4pm on Thursday 29th September on the topic of Augmented Reality and the way its shaping the world we live in.


I believe we successfully executed this task and worked very well as a group, as a group we created imperative deadlines to work to, that would ensure we could create our magazine in a professional manner to the best of our ability in the time we had.


After initially brainstorming our initial ideas for what articles we wanted to put into our magazine we could then narrow down our target audience and work towards marketing our magazine to suit the that niche. We discovered that the audience for our magazine would have to already have an understanding about the platform of AR and it’s position in society. After deciding that our magazine would be a ‘tech’ magazine for students/academics, a member of our group came up with the name ‘Plus1’ which we all agreed on.


My personal involvement combined use of some already established skills and also helped me learn and enhance others. As being the only post-production editor in the group, I was required to edit together a montage of street interviews that would be used in our final broadcast.


Also for the aesthetics of the magazine I challenged myself to expand my knowledge using Adobe Photoshop to create a translucent page of the magazine with Pokémon characters printed on to keep in with the augmented reality theme and to add more dimension to the magazine.


For my article I wanted to write something that was in my interests and after previously looking about Augmented Reality gaming in education, I was interested to look at AR affects on mental health and the prospects of AR being widely used in healthcare. I believe all members of my group worked to the best of their ability to create our magazine and broadcast. Communication was key and that was visible in how well we executed this task. It was an incredible first task that took us out our comfort zone and made everyone in the group realize our capabilities and I personally cannot wait for the next brief!



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