The Cribs Review – HMV Institute 6/11/12

The cribs, in my opinion are one of the best British bands of the thousands and I’d been waiting for an opportunity to see them. So when it was announced that they would be playing at my hometown of Birmingham, I bought my ticket straight away.

I’ve been to the HMV institute plenty of times before and it’s an alright venue but the booze is a bit pricey for my liking. Despite that fact this night was going to be an expensive one, I wasn’t going to let it dampen my spirits. I’m sorry to say that I don’t remember much of the support band apart from the fact one of the members had a proper impressive beard. I actually met up with them in the smoking area before The Cribs came on; I just had to commend that guy on his lustrous beard.

I’d come to see the cribs with an old friend of mine from school, Alex and a few other people. We were all in the party mood, the booze was going down nicely and we were all in high spirits. The cribs came on stage to ‘God gave rock and roll’ the crowd loved it, everyone’s hands were in the air. Front man, Ryan opened by commending Birmingham’s crowds, obviously everyone love that. The crowds got incredibly rough over the songs ‘Our Bovine Public’ and ‘Men’s needs’ but the people were so nice. They would help each other up, shake hands and even give each other hugs. The band’s performance was entrancing, Hearing all my favourite songs being played live right before my eyes was priceless.

My favourite bit of the night probably had to be when The Cribs did a cover of ‘Under Pressure’ by Queen. I pretty much love any cover but I think the fact that I just wasn’t expecting a Queen cover made it even more magical.

(Photo taken by Alex Gatland (@AlexGatland96)

To finish the night off in style a train back to Coventry was in order, with chicken nuggets, a can of cider and my headphones blasting ‘Our Bovine Public’. The gig was amazing and I just didn’t want it to end. I would suggest that you all go and see The Cribs if you get a chance.

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